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Policy Board

Functions of Policy Board

The Policy Board is the decision-making body of the MMMPO. The Board is made up of elected and appointed officials from member local governments and major organizations in the Greater Morgantown region.

The meeting allows the board to show the meetings live on public access television (Morgantown’s Channel 15, Adelphia). Rebroadcasts of meetings are available at the
city of Morgantown website.

The Policy Board is responsible for preparing and approving the areas Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), the area’s Transportation Improvement Program(TIP), and the MMMPO’s Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The MTP plans for transportation infrastructure improvements 20 to 25 years in advance. The MTP include the improvements needed to the area’s roadway network, public transportation infrastructure, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The TIP is the funding schedule for implementing transportation improvements in the area. If Federal Funds are to be used for a project, they must be approved by the Policy Board and be included in the MMMPO’s MTP and TIP. The UPWP is the work program for MMMPO Staff. Work included in the UPWP is funded by Federal, State,
and local funds.

You can join by Phone: 408-418-9388.
You can join the meeting via Webex using:

Policy Board Officers

Tom Bloom
Board Chairman
Ron Justice
Board Vice-Chairman
Mayor Patricia Lewis
Board Treasurer
Bill Austin
Secretary, Executive Director

Policy Board Members

Monongalia County Commission
Tom Bloom, MMMPO Policy Board Chairman
Ed Hawkins
Sean Sikora
City of Morgantown City Council
Jenny Selin
Bill Kawecki
Dave Harshbarger
City of Westover City Council
Steve Solomon
Star City
Steve Blinco, Recorder
Joe Statler
Town of Granville
Mayor Patricia Lewis,  MMMPO Treasurer
Monongalia County Board of Education
Michael Kelly
West Virginia University
Ron Justice, MMMPO Vice-Chairman
Mountain Line Transit Authority
Dave Bruffy
West Virginia Department of Transportation-Division of Highways
Brian Carr​