2016 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

About the Plan Update

The MPO’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a federally mandated document that is required to be updated every five years. The MPO’s current LRTP was adopted in 2013. The MPO is currently updating the LRTP, which will detail how the MPO’s urbanized area transportation system will evolve from 2017 to 2045.
The main purpose of this update is to identify major regionally beneficial transportation projects which can be targeted for federal funding in the next 28 years. The Update will be undertaken by MPO’s staff under the guidance of a steering committee consisted by stakeholders from the community. 
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Meeting Schedule

1st Internal Review Meetings | August, 2016
  • Introduce the Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update process
  • Review the goals and objectives of the current plan.
  • Review the status of tier 1 projects recommended in the current plan. 
  • Review environmental justice analysis update
  • Review community outreach material (surveys, brochure, and website)
  • Evaluate project ranking criteria
  • Identify initial concerns and recommendations for the Update
Community Outreach/Release of Community Survey | August, 2016 (after 1st Internal Review Meetings)
1st Public Meeting | October, 2016
2nd Internal Review Meeting | November, 2016
  • Review the report on existing conditions
  • Review proposed changes in the Update (1st review)
  • Review community outreach material and the report on community outreach
  • Define and prioritize project ranking criteria
3rd Internal Review Meetings | January, 2017
  • Review the update on the Regional Travel Demand model (based on the I-79 Access Study)
  • Review proposed changes in the Update (2nd review)
  • Tier 1 project prioritization
2nd Public Meeting | January/February, 2017
Summary of Community Outreach | February, 2017
Special Internal Review Meetings | February, 2017 (if necessary)
  • Review final changes to the Updates
4th Internal Review Meetings | March, 2017
  • Adoption of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

Planning Process



  • Travel demand model update

  • Environmental justice analysis

  • Freight data collection

  • GIS data collection

  • Traffic volume/crash data collection

  • Steering committee meetings

  • Public meetings

  • Community survey

  • Adopted plans/studies update

  • Completed/committed projects update

  • Draft project evaluation criteria

Update Begins
Existing Condition Analysis


  • Stakeholders meetings

  • Public meetings

  • Project evaluation

  • Project prioritization

DEFINE Updates

  • Documentation of the Long Range Transportation Plan Update

  • Final LRTP Report 

Community Input
Project Evaluation
Project Prioritization

Documents and Reports


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